Submissions received now will not be considered for the Atlanta exhibit but may be considered for future exhibits. We welcome your submissions!

Your story holds power

Share your Muslim American Story of Generosity

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Brought to you by the WF Fund, Inspired Generosity: Muslim American Stories in Philanthropy, provides a national stage for powerful stories of generosity from the Muslim American community—spotlighting tales of spirituality driven good works. 

We invite you to share your story, engaging in a collective experience that affirms how faith can nurture care for all people.

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In a world divided, there is a yearning for stories that unite us in our shared humanity. Stories that remind us how faith can inspire selflessness, how values manifest into action, and how generosity springs from unexpected places.

Share your stories

Uplift your communities by sharing videos, photos, audio, writing, poems, digital art, and more that spotlight compassion sparked by spiritual fuel. Let’s spread stories that unite rather than divide.

Shine your light

We want you to shine light on the people, places, and perspectives of Muslim American generosity, stories that are often suppressed or intentionally ignored. 

You can demonstrate how faith transforms into care for all people and inspire others by the examples you set.

What will you share with the world?

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Your experiences of generosity and compassion are inspiring. Share your story with us and join a community celebrating the impactful ways faith and kindness transform lives.

Submit by May 15, 2024 to be considered for the Atlanta showcase.