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Strength in unity

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We thrive on collaboration

While our platform showcases powerful stories from the Muslim American community, we recognize the movement towards greater inclusion transcends any one group. It is by uniting in our shared hopes and values that we can drive meaningful progress.

That’s why partnerships serve a crucial role. By joining forces with organizations aligned with our mission of using stories to inspire generosity, we expand our reach exponentially.

Our Incredible Partners

American Muslim Community Foundation

American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF), a national partner for the Inspired Generosity project, is an award-winning community foundation established in 2016. AMCF is dedicated to creating innovative philanthropic solutions, including Donor Advised Funds, Giving Circles, grants, fiscal sponsorships, and endowments for the American Muslim community. Through its commitment to social basic needs, racial justice, and health equity initiatives, AMCF has distributed over $19 million to more than 800 nonprofits.

Augsburg University

Augsburg University, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a leader in interfaith dialogue and understanding. Their Interfaith Institute promotes interreligious communication and relationships in a diverse urban setting. With a commitment to using religious diversity as a constructive force for the common good, Augsburg’s partnership enriches Inspired Generosity’s mission to foster appreciation for cultural and religious diversity through art and storytelling.

National Center for Family Philanthropy

Inspired Generosity: Muslim American Stories in Philanthropy is a project of the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) Fellows Program. NCFP provides guidance and resources to equip philanthropic families to achieve greater impact with their giving.

Pillars Fund

Founded in 2010, Pillars Fund is a groundbreaking organization dedicated to elevating Muslim voices and fostering social change. Championing courage, imagination, and solidarity, Pillars Fund invests in Muslim-led initiatives across the United States. Their collaboration with Inspired Generosity reflects a shared commitment to showcasing diverse narratives and promoting cultural understanding, enriching our collective storytelling experience.

Philanthropy Together

Philanthropy Together is a global initiative that aims to diversify and democratize philanthropy by scaling and strengthening the collective giving movement of giving circles and collaborative funds.

Wayfarer Foundation

The Wayfarer Foundation, launched in 2021 by Steve Sarowitz, funds and supports spiritually rooted and justice-oriented nonprofits to advance humankind towards a more peaceful, equitable, and prosperous world.

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