Submissions received now will not be considered for the Atlanta exhibit but may be considered for future exhibits. We welcome your submissions!

Nasiha Committee

Our advisory board helping to shape the narrative of Muslim American generosity

Voices of Guidance

At the heart of our Inspired Generosity project is our dedicated Nasiha Committee. 

Our group of esteemed advisors from across the United States offers invaluable guidance and wisdom, ensuring our initiative reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of Muslim Americans. Their insights help us authentically capture and celebrate stories of generosity within our community.


Alison Christensen

Art Gallery, Grand Valley State University

Benjamin Soskis

Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute

Bob Eichinger

Philanthropic Advisor, Chicago Community Trust

Celeste Smith

Program Officer, Wayfarer Foundation

Dilnaz Waraich

President, WF Fund

Dr. Naila Ansari

Assistant Professor, Buffalo State University

Fred Sasaki

Creative Director, Poetry Foundation

Hussein Rashid

Assistant Dean of Religion and Public Life, Harvard Divinity School

Ilyasah Shabazz

Senior Operations and Communications Director, Philanthropy Together

Jamal Hashim

Jawaad Abdul Rahman

Executive Producer, Unity Production Foundation

Mohammed Saffouri

Media & Film, Islamic Scholarship Fund

Sara Lomelin

Executive Director, Philanthropy Together

Sasa Aakil

Poet and Student Artist

Shariq Siddiqui

Director of Muslim Philanthropy Initiative, Indiana University

Suzy Antounian

Executive Director, Generosity Commission

Tamela Spicer

Director of Strategic Philanthropy, WF Fund

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Submit by May 15, 2024 to be considered for the Atlanta showcase.